The Madeira Schools Foundation was founded on July 20, 1984 by a group of enthusiastic parents and community members who had worked to make the high school’s outdoor track a reality. As time passed they recognized the need to assist the district in achieving its goals for continued quality education.


The Foundation sponsors an annual fundraising auction, which over the years has become an entertaining social event for Madeira. In the past 20 years the MSF Auction has raised over $2 million. The proceeds from the auction have been used to pay for such things as scholarships, computer hardware and software, athletic facilities, new seats for the high school’s auditorium, theatre arts program, science lab building, equipment, an alumni fund and much, much more.


The Madeira Schools Foundation Distinguished Awards program was designed to honor and recognize individuals who, along with additional criteria, made significant contributions to society, exhibited leadership qualities, and represented a positive role model to others.

Throughout the year, The Madeira Schools Foundation accepts nominations for the Distinguished Staff and Distinguished Alumni/Citizen Awards program. Award recipients are honored at a special awards luncheon each spring.

2017-2018 Board:

President: Dave Eberly
Vice President: Shifali Rouse
Secretary: Amy Mauch
Treasurer: Steve Soper
Director of Alumni Relations: Mindi Hilgeman
Superintendent: Kenji Matsudo
Paula Andruss
Ralph Blackwelder, Jr.
Scott Blackwelder
Ken Born
Brian Busken
Carly Chu
Patty Cochran
Laura Conner
Sue Cummings
Kermit Davis
Tim Farrell
Susan Kotowski
Betsy LeRoy
Mike Miller
Chris Nachtrab
Matt O’Cull
Kristen Oyler
Mike Prus
Chris Ramos
Laura Rusche
Sarah Schwallie
Jason Tucker
Jenn Weil