The Madeira Schools Foundation is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and securing resources that enhance the education of students in the Madeira City Schools.  This volunteer organization comprised of parents, alumni and members of our local education and business communities works diligently with the administration of Madeira City Schools to provide excellent opportunities, facilities, technology, faculty and experiences to the students of Madeira City Schools.

Congratulations to the 2024 Award Recipients

The Madeira Schools Foundation’s Distinguished Awards program recognizes alumni, citizens and staff members who have made significant contributions to society. This year’s recipients are (pictured l to r) Amy Hugentobler (Distinguished Staff Award), Betsy Henning ’95 (Distinguished Alumni Award), and Steve Kramer (Friend of the Foundation Award).


The Madeira Schools Foundation awards upwards of $25,000 to graduating seniors and alumni to continue their education. 2024 scholarship recipients are (pictured l to r) Shelby Miller, Sloane Warner, Sophia Suever, Emma Flanagan, Tanner Temar, Keira O’Cull, Lily Zoeckler, Mateo Laverde Guzman Ramirez, Corbett Alexander, Caleb Wischer, Nathaniel Wagner, Rachel Gaffney, Kennedy Cunningham, Sophie Graham, and Finn McCarthy. Not pictured: Benjamin Solinski, Katie Dunn.

Support the Madeira Schools Foundation by making a tax deductible gift to your chosen cause including student and alumni scholarships, student service learning trips, the annual Day of Service or technology.

Contribute Online:  Online donations can be made directly to the Made in Madeira Scholarship. Text Madeira2023 to 76278 or click to Donate Now .

Check:  You can mail a check, make payable to Madeira Schools Foundation: 7465 Loannes Dr.  Madeira, OH 45243, Attn: Mindi Hilgeman.

Matching Gifts:  Your donations to the Madeira Schools Foundation can double or even triple in value if you qualify for a matching gift through your employer. Check with your company’s human resources department to see if it has a matching gift program. Procedures for submitting matching fit requests vary by company. Some companies now offer matching gift applications via the internet, through a toll-free automated phone system or by filling out a form and mailing it along with your contribution.

Madeira Schools Foundation Tax ID: 31-1130818