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The Madeira Schools Foundation Distinguished Awards program was designed to honor and recognize individuals who, along with additional criteria, made significant contributions to society, exhibited leadership qualities, and represented a positive role model to others.

Throughout the year, The Madeira Schools Foundation accepts nominations for the Distinguished Staff and Distinguished Alumni/Citizen Awards program. Award recipients are honored at a special awards luncheon each spring.

In addition to being honored at the awards ceremony, an engraved nameplate is permanently affixed to the Distinguished Award Plaque in the main hallway at Madeira High School, and a commemorative, engraved paving brick is placed in the “Walk of Fame” entrance at Romano Court.

Nominated candidates who do not receive the award after being nominated in the past are placed in a “permanent pool” for reconsideration annually.

Past Winners:

Distinguished Alumni/Citizen
George H, Roland R., Walter Wierwille- 2003
William Case- 2005
Col. Barry Butler, Dr. Les Le Fevre- 2006
Stephn & Dawn Kincaid- 2007
James L. Schroth- 2009
Wayne Morris- 2010
Judy Brandenburg- 2011
Dan Henke, James Giles- 2012
Michelle Schneider, Charles McCullough- 2013
Tom Walter, Paul Lewis- 2014
Dr. Uday Khosla, Laurie Westermeyer- 2015
Larry Sheakley- 2017                                                                                      Phil Santoro- 2018

Friends of the Foundation
Terry Jacobs, Mel Martin- 2004
J. Perin, L. Colgan, W. Kordis- 2005
B. Rusche, J. Garmen, D. Nichols- 2006
Robert E. Lee- 2008
George & Kathy Hurst, Ray & Patty Nulsen- 2009
Barbara Brewer, Vic Parkhouse- 2011
Bill & Cyndi Underwood- 2013
J. Rahe & E. Rahn, Mary Alice Carpenter- 2005
T. Yeomans, J. Decatur, C. McCullough- 2005
Pat & Jacque Gentile- 2007
Cindy Craver- 2009
Jay DeWitt, Harry Adler- 2010
Don Korengel- 2012
Stephen Shaw- 2014
Jay Adrick- 2017                                                                                            Chip & Debbie Graeter- 2018

Distinguished Staff
Herbert L. Dericks- 2003
Gardner Benedict- 2005
Dave Stouffer- 2006
Theresa Deters Gerrard- 2007
Bill Williamson- 2008
Sue Gilsdorf- 2009
Jackie Schmidt- 2010
Carolyn Edington, Nadine Wilson-2011
DJ Hammond- 2012
Diana Bartles, Pep Strifler- 2013
Bob & Ronna Gardner- 2014
Richard Hartmann- 2015
John Taylor- 2017                                                                                            Dr. Cathy Swami- 2018