The Madeira Schools Foundation recognizes the importance of education beyond the walls of Madeira High School and strives to provide the opportunity for graduating seniors and Alumni to further this education. Each year, the Foundation facilitates the processing and contributes to more than $25,000 to graduating seniors and alumni to pursue their college education.

Please click on the link to learn more and determine if you qualify for MSF scholarship(s) and to complete the application:


Congratulations to the 2018 Madeira Schools Foundation Scholars!
Andrea Dennis Scholar: Sheridan Moore
Patrick Wood Scholar: Emily Mills
Matthew Simpson Scholar: Elliott Magenheim
Nina Bechtel Knox Scholar: Isabel Yeomans
Stephen M.Kramer: Mark Tarbell
John D. Rahe Scholars: John Baldan, Mark Letscher, Marin Kline
Adrick Family Scholar: Chet Dobson
Entrepreneur of the Year: Natalie Heisser
Lydia Seiter STEM Award: Alexandra Kucewicz
Ruby Hart Award: Mary Englert
Santoro Entrepreneurship Scholar: Robbie Shinkle